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Causes of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1

Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (MD1) is a form of muscular dystrophy that is caused by a mutation in the dystrophia myotonica protein kinase, or DMPK gene, found on chromosome 19. ... Read more

Myotonic Dystrophy Symptoms

Myotonic dystrophy (DM) is a genetic disorder characterized by both progressive muscle wasting and stiffness, or an inability to relax muscles at will. Multi-system, it can affect the skeletal muscles, ... Read more

Medical Management of Myotonic Dystrophy

Myotonic dystrophy (DM) is the most common form of late-developing muscular dystrophy, with the disease usually appearing during patients’ 20s and 30s. Symptoms can vary significantly from patient to patient ... Read more

Myotonic Dystrophy

Myotonic dystrophy is the most common type of late-developing muscular dystrophy. Although it can appear at any age, it usually presents itself in adults in their 20s and 30s. Approximately ... Read more