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      Leah Leilani

      Do you ever wrestle with the decision of whether to take care of your body or work? When you do take time to rest do you feel lazy or guilty like you’re letting your boss down?

      I believe that there’s a toxic mentality that we have to work ourselves to death in order to be successful. That the only way to earn that promotion is with our blood, sweat, and tears and nothing less. But the truth is that in order to obtain success, we must also take breaks and rest our bodies. Our time spent taking care of ourselves is not time wasted.

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      I used to want to work but not anymore. Fortunately I have the resources to not have to work. I spend time taking care of my body. I also spend my days pursuing personal enrichment through my hobbies. I don’t worry myself that I’m not making much of a contribution through working.

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        Leah Leilani

        Larry, may I ask what made you change your mind about working? I think people should spend more time doing what they love. Having free time for hobbies that make us happy is important for our mental health too. I love drawing and feel the most happy and at peace when I’m deep in my zone working on a piece.

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      I know that specific jobs have caused me stress which has, in turn, caused my muscles to become weaker. Also, if I get sick (like when I worked one-on-one with the public), my muscles weaken. So yes, in that case, not working has been better for me healthwise, but no, I don’t feel like I contribute to society by not doing anything.

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