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      Have you spent much time at the pool this summer, or has it been closed due to COVID-19? If you have a personal pool at home, how do you enjoy it?  Do you use any adaptive equipment for the pool? When the pools open up again, will you be swimming, or do you prefer to lounge and relax? Please share any adaptive pool equipment that you use to make swimming or floating easier!

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      Debra Love

      Yes, I have been enjoying the local pool an hour for therapy before they open up to the public since my normal place of water therapy is closed due to the virus.  I can tell that my balance is already improved, and I am hopeful that it will continue to get better as the summer progresses.  I use the foam noodles to help me stay afloat now that the MD has progressed to the point where I can’t swim on my stomach anymore.  BUT yesterday I was really excited that I could still do the dog paddle on my back!!  YEAH!!  I am SO THANKFUL for being able to get back in the pool and get out of the house.  I could tell that my mobility was getting worse and worse just being in the house all the time.  How about you Dani??  Do you get to the pool often??

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      I have not gotten to the pool all year and it has been upsetting! My neighborhood pool now has an app where you can reserve a time to swim, so I will be trying that this weekend.

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      Pete Barron

      Swimming has been my “go to” exercise since I figured out that it worked 20 years ago. Unfortunately, my local health club pool of course was closed for 3 months and just now opened for swimming and water workouts on a limited basis. I haven’t ventured back in yet and am waiting to see how well other members stay healthy. I hope to get back in the water soon, but I’m somewhat afraid of getting sick!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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