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I was finally diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy by Professor Orla Hardiman clinical neurologist at Beaumount Hospital, Dublin 9 in February 2010 as a 42 year old female. None of my birth or adoptive family have ever had MD.   It took me a very long time to get an official diagnosis having gone for tests in 1998, where I was partially diagnosis but sadly it was inconclusive.


I use a asking aid to get around often called a rolator and was diagnosed during my second Semester of Year One at the University of Limerick where I was studying as a Mature full-time student of the BA (Hons) Bachelor’s  Degree in Languages, Literature and Film for the second time having completed a 3 year Level 7 Diploma in Euro Languages and Business in 1995 at Atlantic Technological University (formerly Letterkenny Institute of Technology /Donagh O’Malley RTC, Letterkenny Co. Donegal)


I am married since the 13th January 2000 to my husband Anthony Murphy and we have no children.  Music appeals to me very much including 15th/16th, Baroque, Classical, Traditional Irish, Gospel and modern music too.





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Since February 2010.

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