• Hello, my name is Susan and my husband is currently being tested. His symptoms began several years ago, as an adult, and is progressively getting worse. So far, the genetic testing they have done, gave no answers, his EMG came back normal, yet, his specialist still feels he may have something going on. My husbands symptoms include recurrent rhabdomyolosis, muscle cramping, twitching, weakness, which usually comes on after any type of exercise. Heat intolerance, and more I can’t think of. If the genetic tests come back normal, and EMG, and he also had a muscle biopsy, is that it then? I really don’t see what more they can do for him.
    thank you all in advance. I feel so awful and helpless for everyone. Thank You

    • Hi Susan, not knowing what is happening to your husband can be scary and make one feel helpless. When I was first diagnosed, I was also confused, but I felt some sort of relief once I had an answer. I hope you both will feel the same. I want you to know whatever the diagnosis, there is a strong community here for you! If he doesn’t have MD, I know there is still a community out there for him and you. Please keep us posted and we will be here for you if you have any questions!

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