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Day 14 of 30 Days of MD Topic: My Becker’s Story This is @mybeckersstory’s story: When I first started sharing my story through the My Becker's Story blog I had no idea where it might take me. My main objective was to simply raise awareness but I never realized what doors it might open. After all I felt all alone like I was the only one in the world living with Becker's Muscular Dystrophy. Then I started the My Becker's Story Facebook page and to my surprise I started to meet others from all over the world. Eventually this led to the first opportunity of meeting two others also living with Becker's Muscular Dystrophy. One lived locally while the other was visiting from the United Kingdom, we ended up meeting for lunch. It turned out to be a great experience as we could all relate to each other's stories. It truly let me know I was no longer alone in my journey. Since then I have met others, great people who I can reach out to if I am going through something or just have a simple question about aging with Becker's Muscular Dystrophy. Since this first opportunity – thanks to social media like many I've been able to connect with others affected by different types of Muscular Dystrophy to other conditions all together. At times we can face all similar situations and the ability to speak with others who can relate is truly helpful for me. Especially when anxiety tends to creep in from time to time, with many encouraging me to always look at the positives in life. It is truly great that Muscular Dystrophy Awareness month allows us to share all our stories and connect through social media. As for me reading other people's stories definitely goes a long way in encouraging me, especially on the days when I am feeling weak and battling with muscle weakness or debilitating fatigue. This is why I encourage everyone if you ever have the opportunity of meeting someone else living with your particular type of Muscular Dystrophy or others as well – do it as you won't regret it. In the end a real benefit to social media is the opportunity to connect with others and the ability to make new friends. #MDAwarenessMonth #MDAwareness #30DaysofMD

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