30 Days of MD: Giving Up Is Not an Option

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Photo courtesy of Anjélica Ramírez

Day 23 of 30

This is Anjélica Ramírez’s story:

My name is Angélica Ramírez. I just turned 23 years old. I am a writer and a student in my penultimate year of medicine. Throughout my life, I have suffered great adversities associated with my condition.

Right now, I am losing the ability to walk and cannot find a chair that allows me at least a little autonomy (I can only get standardized chairs that fatigue my shoulder girdle or cause me back pain). I often feel overwhelmed, helpless, incomprehensible, or lonely. Still, there was something that never wavered or made me doubt: the hope that I cling to every day of my life.

Accessibility is essential. I regret not being able to have the right wheelchair, either because of the high costs that no medical institution covers, or because of the limited range of options that I painfully observe behind the stained glass window.

Since I was a child, muscular dystrophy has had a serious impact on my life, generating great bone deformation in both legs, much more pronounced in my knees. This process caused my knees to dislocate multiple times. I have always fought against this process, but some consequences have been nearly fatal. On one occasion, I suffered a head injury.

My dystrophy is mainly at the level of the legs but lately, it has also started to affect the most proximal part of my arms a bit. I suffer from spasms, great pains, and muscle contractures every day of my life. “There are good days and there are bad days” as my orthopedic surgeon told me, currently a very special friend who helps me to keep going.

I thank all those who have helped me in one way or another. In my career, I will continue to fight and dedicate my life to researching everything related to MD pathology. I do not contemplate the option of giving up, and live by the mantra: “While there’s life, there’s hope.”

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