Shalom Lim, Community Partnerships Executive —

Shalom Lim (he/they) is a Singaporean disability justice advocate, poet, and former award-winning child painter working as a community partnerships executive at K9Assistance. He is a Duchenne survivor diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a three-month-old infant, despite pre-natal tests indicating otherwise. He is a critical criminology graduate pursuing a counselling diploma and a trainee vocalist. He wants to empower the acceptance of mental illness and rare neuromuscular diseases in Asia. He hopes to be a disability educator in Singapore and obtain two master's degrees, one in Disability Studies and one in Counselling, by 2030.

Articles by Shalom Lim

I’m Hoping a Mobility Assistance Dog Can Help Me With Daily Activities

Last week, I started a new job as a part-time community partnerships executive with K9Assistance, Singapore’s first assistance dog advocacy organization. Assistance dogs are service dogs trained to help disabled people perform tasks to mitigate their impairments. As a Duchenne muscular dystrophy survivor, I’ve always been intrigued…

Can a Disability Become a Friend? It Has for Me.

As a person with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, I’ve always felt socially deprived and isolated. It’s been an extremely painful and lonely journey for me. Many of us with Duchenne also have undiagnosed anxiety and depressive disorders, adding layers of complexity to our already arduous paths. Most…