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  • Barry Glaberman posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    Being 63 and not knowing what form of MD I have, makes life more difficult. I have been to two clinics and one SSA doctor. One doctor only specialized in one form of MD therefore he couldn’t be bothered. SSA doctor confirms MD but doesn’t know what kind either. Third doct justs wants a wait and see attitude, but agrees with MD. I
    Am on SSDI and my wife’s insurance sucks. I can’t keep paying for specialists. I am having attrophy issues as well as spasms and circulation problems.
      • Hi there Barry. How were you diagnosed with MD. Did you have a muscle biopsy or blood draw? I completely understand your troubles with doctors. I’ve had many doctors tell me that everything I was experiencing with my body was all in my head or that I was faking my illness.

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