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  • Barry Glaberman replied to the topic Adaptive Clothing for MD in the forum Young Adults with ​Muscular Dystrophy 2 years, 1 month ago

    Although Tommy Hilfiger has a line of clothes, it would be great if it were affordable or at least covered by medical insurance. I personally couldn’t afford $65.00 for a shirt or more for pants. Another case of taking advantage of us.

    • Yeah, I’m not fond of the price either. I understand that maybe the cost is because of the complex design elements but if your going to make a line of clothes for people with disabilities, who by the way, tend to be in poverty, you should price the clothing at a reasonable amount. Just another example of the disabilities tax.

    • That is totally understandable and I completely agree. Sometimes when I am on social media I will leave comments on the companies advertisements. “Love the idea of adaptable clothing, I just wish the price was affordable for everyone” or something like that. Although Tommy Hilfiger might not see it himself, someone might and get a conversation started and then eventually a change will occur. It just takes a spark!

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