Day 17 of 30 Days Of MD: Assistive Technology Professional

Day 17 of 30 Days Of MD: Assistive Technology Professional

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Day 17 of #30DaysOfMD Introducing Danielle Renée Neale. I am the middle of three children. I grew up in Minnesota and eventually found my way to North Carolina. I attended UNCW and graduated with a degree in Psychology. After college, I worked as a temp at a small DME company. I was intrigued by a department within that specialized in rehab technology. My curiosity led me on a path. I began learning, studying, attending courses, and ultimately became certified. I am now an ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) and a CRTS (Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier). I am a mother of twins whom I love and adore. I work for a national company called NuMotion. They help to provide a solid and supportive foundation for me to work from. I work with people with Muscular Dystrophy and other disabilities. We work together as a team, to find the best assistive technology to help provide each person the greatest amount of independence. I always say that I don’t have a job, but rather many commitments. Each person is a commitment, an investment, a learning and teaching opportunity for me. My goal is to provide beneficial and effective assistive technology to those I work with. Making it easier for them to take a step, move on their own, be safe and more comfortable, etc. I get to share many first moments with people, and that is a gift I do not squander. I am humbled and inspired to work with such incredible people/patients and alongside other committed medical professionals. Sometimes when you follow your passion, it leads you to your purpose.

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