30 Days of MD: Leanne Watson

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Day 15 of 30 Days of MD Topic: Changes and Challenges This is @leannes_wheel_life's story: The progressive physical effects of Adult Onset LGMD (Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy) on my body have been partnered by multiple emotional, mental, social and work-related changes and challenges. The direct and ripple consequences of LGMD have been many and varied, and I know my experiences are shared by others. This is why I am another voice for the disabled in our community. We no longer should be ‘othered’. Society is too sophisticated, too learned, too globally connected to continue marginalising differences. We are all different, and will all require help, assistance and adaptations at some point in our lives. Sharing stories and conversation can lead to whole-of-society attitudinal and structural change. Redefinition, acceptance, humility, adaptation and respecting feelings such as shame, loss, and grief have become some of my favourite tropes of the last fifteen years. Very briefly these have been my take-outs: While I still perform my earlier paid work, although on a smaller scale, I am now part way through a University degree. While I don’t participate in as many ’girls weekends, when I do catch up my enjoyment is greater. While I don’t drive, I can build and drive a website . While I can’t reciprocate a hug, I get to feel the love given. While I can’t travel with as much ease, I now thoroughly appreciate the privilege that travelling is, and the experiences offered. While I won’t be able to be the Grandma that I wanted to be, I know that I’ll adapt and be able to contribute through dialogue and emotional connection. While I can’t do many things such as walk, scratch an itch, cut food up, raise a mug to drink and reflexively urinate, I have learnt that there is no shame in that. I am so much more cognisant of physical infallibility as a given for us all. While I am a disabled woman, I have faith that one-day all our many disabilities will be accepted and catered for, simply another variation in being human. Leanne Watson Leanneswheellife.com #MDAwarenessMonth #MDAwareness #30DaysofMD

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