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Rob Stemple is a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities. He was diagnosed with FSHD in 1971 at age 14. Rob struggled with its’ affects for over 50 years. He lost his eyesight in a devastating crash with a drunk driver. Rob has been a special education teacher, director of a nonprofit organization serving the blind and a newspaper columnist. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Wendy, where they both enjoy hanging out with their kids and grandkids. Rob is a musician, composer, and recording artist. His theory of life is, “Do the best you can with what you’ve got to work with!”

Articles by Robin Stemple

When did standing up become a multistep process?

Back in the 1980s, as a high school special education teacher, I enjoyed giving my students an assignment at the start of the school year to see if they could follow directions. I told them to read the document I handed out before doing anything. The directions on the top…

Some advice on reading facial expressions and body language

I recently talked with a friend about body language and facial expressions. She’d attended a public hearing where she ended up sitting just behind the main speaker. As the hearing progressed, she became certain she’d be seen on Zoom. That made her extremely conscious of her facial expressions and body…