30 Days of MD: Miroslava Zerova

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Day 30 of 30 Days of MD Topic: Hoping for a Better Tomorrow This is Miroslava Zerova’s story: My name is Miroslava Zerova from Smolqn/ Bulgaria. l am 30 years old. I often look at the globe and wonder whether there really is no one to help me on this planet? Most of my acquaintances have had moments when they had to stay in hospital and then come out feeling relieved. But not me, not my brother(who has the same disease) Not you as well, right? The doctors, the professors are silent, they can't help me, they don't know how. This makes me a different patient, a different person! I even feel like an alien. The last time l was in a rehabilitation hospital, the doctors once again didn't know what to do for me. I noticed that they were very attentive to patients with Bechterew's disease because they were a whole group. My 8 years of experience with Limb Girdle 2G convinced me that this is a rare, unknown disease. Do you understand how important it is to be together and to alert? Who else will do this for us? Why don't we share our stories all years round, from all over the world? A big recognition and congratulations to the Muscular Dystrophy News Today site for doing this. It is difficult to work as a seamstress for a luxury brand, on an equal footing with healthy women, but in Bulgaria l cannot survive without my salary nor can l move to another European country if l am not in the labour market. I don't want to go into details about how I'm doing and how worried about my future I am. Something else seems more important to me. What is important are the scientists who are looking for a solution, what is important are the donors who finance them, we are important, showing that bad mutations are ruthless. Will they disappear with my death, with your death, as society hopes? #MDAwarenessMonth #MDAwareness #30DaysofMD

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