Day 21 of 30 Days of MD: Pinball and MD


by Danielle "Dani" Liptak |

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Day 21 of #30daysofMD Introducing Nicky Williams Dexter: Find something that brings you joy, and commit to making it an active part of your life. For me right now that is pinball. As an arcade brat of the 80's, I've been playing pinball my whole life. But this last year and a half I have been playing competitively on a monday night league and have even tried a tournament. When maneuvering life with a neuromuscular disorder, it's sometimes hard to push yourself to get out and give it all you have to live your best life, and playing pinball with all my pinball buddies motivates me to do just that. I come from a family that has had FSHD for generations on my mother's side. I have never known anything different, and was already experiencing muscle weakness when I was a toddler. But being the daughter of an athlete, I've always had a competitive edge. Being able to compete and compete well with able bodied people makes it a stimulating and enriching experience for me. So to all those struggling to keep moving and doing, I say again, find the thing that gives you so much joy that you don't notice the pain and the exhaustion. The thing you would push through anything to get to, because you know it will make your heart happy and your soul fulfilled. My wish for all those living with neuromuscular disorders is that they too could have their very own monday night, filled with laughter and friendship and fun times. A night where joy overrules anything else, and for one moment your diagnosis is forgotten and your just one of the best players on your team.

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