Day 22 of 30 Days of MD: Silly Comments/Questions

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Day 22 of #30daysofMD Topic: Silly Comments/Questions by Sean Crosby This is @scrosby_3489 story. I have heard just about all of them. After hearing them over and over and over, you get sick and tired of hearing them. At least come up with something original and make me laugh. What are they? Silly comments that people make! It’s unbelievable the audacity some people have. We all know someone who speaks their mind without any filters. Nothing wrong with that. It’s totally fine. What’s not fine is when someone blurts out, “Woah! What’s wrong with you?” Or “You’re lucky you don’t have to walk.” Those were comments I heard in middle school. Granted, when little children say these things I take it with a grain of salt. Kids are curious and usually don’t think before they speak. I blame the parents. But these were middle schoolers! Obnoxious comments aren’t limited to only kids and middle schoolers. There have been many silly comments adults have made as well. That’s sad. I’ve been asked “Are you blind?” This person thought just because I had my assist dog with me that I was blind. I could maybe get where they were coming from with me having my dog, but I also use a power wheelchair. Really? Did you think that through? At least this one is nowhere near as bad as the granddaddy of them all “You better slow down or you’ll get a ticket!” Ugghh! Another time somebody asked if I know so and so. I’m pretty good with remembering names and faces. This person preceded to tell me the person they knew is in a wheelchair. 😑 I just wanted to leave right then and there. No!! Not everyone in wheelchairs know each other. Most people mean well and don’t want to hurt or offend others. Sometimes they just don’t think and say whatever comes to mind.

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