Hawken Miller, features writer —

Hawken graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2019. Before joining BioNews, he wrote for the Washington Post’s video game and esports section, Launcher, where he still contributes as a freelancer. Hawken is also a columnist for BioNews, focusing on his experience with Duchenne muscular dystrophy for Muscular Dystrophy News Today. His work has appeared in Dot Esports, The Orange County Register, KTLA 5, and The Sacramento Bee. He won a Webby for virtual reality journalism at USC.

Articles by Hawken Miller

Learning to Be Social with Duchenne

Living with Duchenne makes a lot of things difficult, including socializing with other people. Throughout my life, especially as the disease has progressed, it’s gotten harder to relate to people without physical disabilities. Even with the added difficulty, I’ve succeeded socially by carefully choosing the people I surround…

The Art of Asking for Help

My mom used to shake me awake in the morning, cook me breakfast, and send me off to school with a packed lunch. She made sure I took all my pills, ate vegetables, and had consistent physical therapy. My dad and some teachers acted as my arms and legs…