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      How do you avoid bumping into or running over people or animals when using your mobility devices?

      I have run over my dog’s toes while walking him on the leash, but he has never reacted. I still feel terrible. I also worry when I use my walker at home, and my cat is walking next to me that I will bump or run her tail over. I make sure not to do that by going slow. My dog is better at getting out of the way than my cat is. She waits until the device is touching her before she jumps up.

      How do you avoid bumping people out in public or hitting things with your chair? I have seen one device that vibrates if you get close to an object advertised on Instagram. It is like rear detection on a car.

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      Pete Barron

      As much as I have lived these past 10-15 years in a mobility device, I still have accidents. It seems impossible to avoid damaging a doorway or hall. We spent a lot of money fixing up our house from the last mobility device resident, and it pains me to see myself damage it again. It hurts even worse when it is somebody else’s house!

      Yet I am reminded that inaccurate movements are part and parcel with any muscle weakening disease. It is humbling to see how little I have changed even after feeling so bad for damage I have caused. I don’t want to accept it as inevitable, but I feel I must! I stay humble and human…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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