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      On Friday night I went to the ER because I got food in my eye. My throat was sore and I saw my tonsils were swollen but I didn’t think anything of it because it was my eye that was bothering me. I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis in both eyes and a bacterial respiratory infection and placed on two antibiotics. I am so thankful that I live with my parents because I don’t know if I would have recovered as well alone. When I would wake up in the morning my eyes were “glued” shut and I couldn’t see. I relied on them so much this past week.

      Have you ever had bacterial infections? How did your body react? Did the antibiotics work for you? Were you alone or did someone help you through your illness? Do you worry when you get sick that you can’t do it alone?

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      I often have bacterial infections especially with damp or humid weather I can get conjunctivitis where the glands get blocked resulting in a sore or irritation in my eyes. But the most dangerous ones are respiratory which can lead to pneumonia if not caught in time, I think bacterial build-up in the lungs can be caused by food particles going into the lungs also fluid and saliva can be a danger. The last episode landed me in hospital for 6 months and almost cost me my life.

      The knowledge that I should not have a general anesthetic was one of the main causes even though they (hospital staff) were warned of my condition. The penny didn’t drop. Since then I take a lot more care, one of the most important things I do is look after my teeth three times a day take a vitamin D tablet 1000 units daily and try and stay active although this can be difficult. Fresh air is also important.

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