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      Facing concerns from N.C. Wildlife, wheelchair-accessible beach mat in Carolina Beach won’t be back for the rest of this season.

      The comment section on articles such as this can always be a mixed bag. There are, of course, people who support both sides. In your opinion, does the removal of the mats for the disabled constitute discrimination?

      The public is still allowed to go on the beach, and that particular beach spot is always populated. The excuses used were that the tide was getting too high, and the mats would interfere with sea turtles and wild sea bird nestings. According to a person who is in charge of the sea turtle conservation, the animals would not nest somewhere that had so much foot traffic as well as bright lights from the busy boardwalk. This beach access point is one of only two that I have found where I live and I utilize it frequently. There are beach wheelchairs available, but they are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not accessible to all disabled people. The beach mats allow me to get m wheelchair on to the beach and sit for a couple of hours without fear of getting stuck or needing someone to push me.

      What would you think of the removal of something that gave you equal access as the public and no alternative was in its place? How would you handle it, and do you consider it to be discrimination?

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