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  • Bullying: Child with MD, What To Look For?

    Posted by danielle-dani-liptak on April 22, 2019 at 7:39 am

    Bullying can deter a child from wanting to go to school. Children with disabilities are perceived to be more vulnerable and less able to defend themselves making them easier to pick on. Sometimes medical device and such can make your child stand out, to a bully it is easier to pick on someone different.  Sometimes children with disabilities struggle with the social interactions and struggle to regulate their emotions causing them to get upset easily. It is important for parents to be able to help identify bullying. Adults are a vital resource for children with disabilities to go to when in need.

    • Sign/symptoms/circumstances to watch for with your child:
      • Not wanting to go to school
      • Not wanting to ride the bus
      • Torn clothes or cuts/bruises on child
      • Inability to finish school work
    • What can you do if you are concerned about bullying with your child?  
      • Have a safe word that your child can use at school if they have had enough, such as “Stop.”
      • Do not ignore it.
      • Do not blame your child.
      • Talk with staff at school routinely.
      • Volunteer at your child’s school.
      • Role-play situations of bullying with your child in order for them to be prepared if it occurs at school.

    Did you know bullying children because of their disabilities is against the law? There are many ways to go about preparing your child, but in my opinion it is easier to change ones own behavior which in turn changes other people. Disability needs to be more widely accepted as normal and not something to fear or pity. I think inclusion and patience are the key and it begins working with children. What questions do you have for parents or family with children with MD that have gone through public or private education? 

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