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      Have you dated or are dating someone with a vehicle you can’t safely transfer too or a home you cannot comfortably enter?

      I am not in a committed relationship, but I do date. Unfortunately, everyone I have dated has had an inaccessible home and vehicle. It can be frustrating, and sometimes I think that is why the relationship doesn’t work.

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      Pete Barron

      I got the chair after I was already married and thankfully my wife adapted to me and all the assorted baggage that comes with being physically handicapped. However, I have noticed that the friend relationships that are real friends, make accommodations for me. They either makeshift a ramp, or build one, or meet me at my home, or at a neutral place where I can get into. If they won’t make some sort of accommodations for you, they are not true friends and you don’t want them. When the right relationship comes along, they won’t miss a beat to make it work. You are just weeding out the “non starters” who won’t put in the effort involved to make things work!


Viewing 1 reply thread
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