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      Do you wonder who designs mobility devices? If you could create the perfect mobility device for yourself, what are some features you would have on it? If money was no option and you had endless resources, what “perfect” device would you create?

      I want a lightweight but durable powerchair, that can go on all terrain. It would have unique wheels on tracks. It would have different levels of headlights; my headlights are very bright and can’t be adjusted. I would have a retractable seatbelt since mine is always dragging or getting caught in something. I would also want a heating and cooling cushion.

      What would your dream mobility device look like for you?

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      Pete Barron

      I would want something like yours’. They actually make a chair with tracks and wheels that can even go up and down stairs. Unfortunately they are European and not medicare approved so you have to buy a ridiculously overpriced chair with cash and there’s nobody around who could repair it or even get parts. Also these chairs compromise speed and street worthiness for the track and stair capabilities. It seems like if you get some things right, then you lose others!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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