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    Posted by danielle-dani-liptak on October 7, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    When I was at university I hated doing laundry. Although I don’t know many people who take joy in the task, it felt extra taxing to me. I did not require much help in college as I do now. I remember gathering my quarters, asking a friend to borrow some detergent, and then hauling my overflowing laundry bag downstairs and through the street to the laundromat. I am proud of myself looking back, but I wondered what would have happened if I was more disabled and needed help?

    If you’re a student and have to do laundry on your own but physically it is difficult for your body, how do you get it done? Are there certain parts of the task that are easier and you do not need help with? How about folding?

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