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    Have you ever been diagnosed or suspected of having an eating disorder?

    There were times in my life were I thought I could possibly be anorexic. As a pre-teen, I surrounded myself with friends that were very skinny and that effected my personal body image. I was the first of my friends to develop breasts and I thought that must mean that I weighed more. My health deteriorated in 6th grade and I had trouble holding down food. I was admitted to the hospital due to dehydration. I had lost 12 pounds in a matter of weeks and yet, I was happy. I finally weighed the same as my friends. To me, this was a clear sign that my thinking was skewed. Throughout middle school, I developed new friends and lost others. Because of this, by the time I was a full fledged teenager, my body image had greatly improved.

    Having an eating disorder or a poor body image isn’t something to be ashamed of. What you’re going through is normal and completely treatable if you ask for help and listen to you body.

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