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      Have you ever been embarrassed by the way your family spoke about your MD?

      The fire alarm was going off in our home on and off for 24 hours, we tried everything to fix it, but it was just my mother at home and me. My mother was told to call the non-emergency number, and firefighters will come and help you fix it at no charge to us. When my mother called, she said, “I need help, and my daughter is handicapped and can’t do anything.” Now my mom was exhausted, and the alarm was blaring, so she was stressed, she also is not from the United States, so she translates the things in her head into English, so words get lost in translation. I still felt upset about what she said, but I let it go.

      Does your family talk about you in a way that makes you embarrassed or uncomfortable? Have you tried to speak to them about how it makes you feel? What was the outcome?

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