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      Over the weekend I fell in my garage which is concrete floors. I landed hard on my hands so I wouldn’t fall and hit my head. In doing so my hands took most of the impact. Now it hurts to do anything with them. I talked to my physical therapist and she said rest and some light stretching might help. How do you deal with hand pain? Do you use your hands a lot and worry about missing out because of the pain?

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      Pete Barron

      My sister who has MD2 like me, spends most of the time walking with arm crutches. She has fallen and broken bones in both hands too many times to count. She has also had countless surgeries to put them back together again with varying degrees of success. Somehow our bones don’t heal well or sometimes not at all. With one or the other hand in a cast she can’t usually use more than one crutch,  which makes her more unstable. It’s a never ending cycle! Once again as far as walking, I say “No be there!” I don’t often fall when I’m sitting and when I do the ground is a lot closer! My regrets for your hand pain, that’s no fun!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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