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      Since vehicles are modified for disabled drivers, can planes be modified for disabled pilots? I had an interesting dream the other night where I was flying a plane, and I was still in a wheelchair in my dream. Sometimes when I dream, I don’t have the chair, but this time I did.

      If you are affected physically by your muscular dystrophy, have you ever flown a plane or thought about flying a plane? Have you gone sky diving or wanted to go sky diving? Did your doctors advise against it?

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      Pete Barron

        I would love the idea of being able to ride into an airplane and be strapped down in like I do in cars, but I don’t know what would happen when we get to where ever we are going. We often fly out of the country and if I fly in my chair we have to hire a truck and ramps to keep the chair and I obviously can’t stay in it in the back of some truck. It’s a pain in the neck, but I always fly with my scooter for getting around in airports and to get it into taxis when we arrive.

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