• FSHD and Covid-19

    Posted by danielle-dani-liptak on March 17, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Here is some information about FSHD and the Coronavirus.

    Here are practical suggestions:
    – get a 90-day supply of your meds in case you are quarantined and cannot go out to get new ones.
    – if you use supplemental oxygen, make sure you have a good compressor, not just tanks which could run out.
    – make sure you’ve had the Pneumovax. Some patients that do poorly with Covid-19 get secondary bacterial pneumonia (“superinfection”), and the vaccine reduces that likelihood.
    – load the app or save the web site from a telemedicine provider (some insurers offer this service for free or low cost). You might need care in the future, and it may be unwise to venture out if you develop symptoms.
    – have everyone around you wash their hands vigorously and frequently (this is obvious).
    – don’t panic, most people who get the coronavirus will have symptoms between a mild virus and lousy flu, but not worse than that. However, given weakened muscles associated with breathing in patients with FSHD, stay vigilant. Seek care if breathing becomes difficult.

    Do you have FSHD? Are you worried about the effects of the virus on your muscles? What precautions are you taking with your FSHD and this virus?

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