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  • Have You Been Reflecting on This Past Year?

    Posted by leah-leilani on December 26, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    I have been reflecting a lot on this past year, as I normally do in December. I realize that this year has brought with it many ups and downs.

    I’ve gone on new adventures like a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood for my 25 birthday. I’ve learned news things like how to change my habits thanks to the book Atomic Habits and, oh yeah, I’ve read a lot of good books. And I can’t forget about adding a new tattoo to my small collection to name a few things.

    On the flip side, there have also been some scary close calls for my family and I such as being exposed to and catching Covid-19. Also, our house was almost burned down after someone set fire to our front door wreath. One other major incident happened just a few days after having our scorched door repaired when my mom was hit in a bad car accident.

    It is hard to believe all that has happened this year. Regardless of the trauma I’ve experienced and some PTSD from the house fire, good memories were made and a new level of resilience was discovered.

    What comes to mind when you think back on this past year? Share with us what particular experiences or events that stand out in your mind. 

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