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  • Inability to do medical exams because of your disease

    Posted by leah-leilani on March 4, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Does your disease ever make it hard to do medical testing or exams?

    Most of the eye exams at the ophthalmologists strain my eyes and make them very tired. Sometimes I wonder if the doctor is getting accurate results with the amount of stress put on my eyes. If I feel like my eyes are being strained too much I’ll ask the technician if I can have a break for a few minutes to rest my eyes. 

    When I visit my pulmonologist they always want to know how my lungs are. In order for them evaluate my lungs they have me breathe out extremely hard into a  machine that then calculates my lung capacity. This test also makes me very tired and will end up affecting the rest of my day. My pulmonologist understands this and allows to skip the test. 

    Can you relate to these situations? Does your doctor understand the limitations of your disease?

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