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      Leah Leilani


      Would you say your muscular dystrophy is visible or invisible? Do you believe it’s easier having a disability that is visible or invisible? Have you ever wished that your disability was more noticeable or less?

      The type of MD that I have is invisible. My whole life I’ve received and felt criticism for this. I’ve been accused of faking my illness by many people, including doctors. I’ve been refused disability services because I don’t appear “disabled enough.” But, I’ve learned from others within the disability community that having visible disabilities is equally as difficult, if not more. The amount and harshness of judgment is no better. Although we each experience different hardships, we must realize that everyone’s difficulties are valid. 

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      Pete Barron

      I agree, “everyone’s difficulties are valid!” We all get judged at times by people who don’t think we are disabled enough to require accommodation. Sometimes I’ve even been judged “not disabled enough” by other disabled people. We all have to fight our own battles within ourselves about accepting our own disabilities.

      Before I was in a regular power chair, I felt judged more often. Once I was even harassed and not allowed to enter an indoor event by police because my mobility assist was unusual. I get that less now, but still shock some people when I stand up and walk a little. I usually tell guards at airports and such that I can’t stand, because if I stand they always leave me standing there for too long and then I fall.

      It would be nice to not be judged, but there are always people who judge. The older I get, the better I get at ignoring them. I generally judge them as “insensitive” and not worth getting to know myself!

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