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      Mehmet Fatih OGUZ

      Hello, I am new and very happy to find this forum. I believe that fighting for MD all together is very critical and I want to thank you all guys have this website/forum available for us. I kindly request some helps and advices about my newphew. My nephew is diagnosed Duchenne MD, He was 13 years old now. His weight and height are 44 kg (93 lbs) and 113 cm (3.7ft). He could not walk any more. But he was barely walking last month but not anymore. I need you advice about his diet, nutrition and weight and physical therapy. If the weight would be less, any possibility to walk for a while. And for phscial therapy, yes we go on physical therapy for years but I am sure therapist is specialized about MD. Is there any methods for MD? What is best approach about that? I m thinking about hese kind of things all time. Your advices and experiences very important for us to improve his quality of life. I am new here , I hope I could express what I mean. Thanks for help and understanding.


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