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      Are you avoiding marriage/relationship due to possibility of losing benefits? Are you on SSI/ SSDI or any government aid? Are you married, have plans to get married? Do you know how your benefits or aid will be affected? 

      If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income, a.k.a. SSI disability, your spouse’s income may affect the amount of your monthly disability benefit. SSI only considers a spouse’s income if they live in the household with you.
      Social Security disability, on the other hand, is not a need-based disability program. Therefore, income or resources (i.e. assets) do not affect disability benefits. If your spouse has income it will not affect your Social Security disability amount, whereas if you receive SSI and your spouse has income, that spousal income may very well affect your SSI.  Do you think this is fair?

      This can be confusing, it is always best to call and check to see what is affected and what is not under your personal program.

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