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      I am on social media a lot, and I follow many accounts. There are some accounts that I follow more closely than others, and usually, it is because they have muscular dystrophy. I feel a connection with them and appreciate them opening up their lives to share with the world. Do you follow people on social media that have your type of MD? Have you ever reached out and spoken to them? Do you feel inspired in your own life watching them on social media, or does it sometimes bother you or make you envious of their lives?

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      Glendalee Deruiter

      I post a lot as well on social media. My sanity and relaxation is music. So I use kareoke tunes change the words in encouragement to our Muscular dystrophy diseases that are warriors like us. I’d share here but I don’t really know how too.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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