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      I had to take my cat to the vet and do that, and I need assistance from my father to help me get her in the crate and transport her to the car. My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes, which is common in older cats. I was very anxious and felt guilty about the whole situation. The vet wanted one person to learn how to administer the medication and pick up the food. Since I require help, I needed my dad to come in. I was worried there would be resistance by the vet, but they were cooperative and understood my situation. I decided to see if I could find any information about the Americans with Disabilities Act protects people’s personal care attendants from being refused into one person only situations.

      Have you had to leave your PCA or loved one who cares for you in a waiting room, the car, or at home because you could not bring them with you? Did you request that an exception be made due to your MD? Do you know if there is a rule or law that allows you to take your PCA where ever you go?

      *PCA is a Personal Care Attendant. It can be someone you hire or a family member or friend.

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