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    Posted by Danielle "Dani" Liptak on January 31, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    Here are ten ways to keep all your medical supplies organized and easy to find.

    1. Create a Grab Bag: Sometimes circumstances demand on-the-go preparations, create a medical bag that’s packed all the time with the necessary supplies you might need for a day trip.
    2. Dedicate a Space: Pick a shelf, closet, or cabinet and dedicate it to your medical supplies. Then, when you use something, be sure to put it back right away so you’ll always know where to look.
    3. Use Clear Bins: Clear plastic storage bins help you see what’s inside without searching through 17 different boxes. That’s important when time is of the essence.
    4. Store in Categories: When you’re sorting your supplies, consider which items are likely to be used together and store them that way. Such as medicine for MD, therapy supplies, pain relievers, etc.
    5. Label Everything: Use a label maker or stick-on labels to mark what belongs on each shelf or what goes in each bin. Even if you use clear storage, this can save you time and headaches when looking for something specific.
    6. Remove Bulky Packaging: Sometimes, you need packaging for the information on it, but if not, remove boxes and wrappers before storing supplies. It’s incredible the amount of space you can save.
    7. Use Empty Space: The first storage rule is to utilize space. Stacking shelves, plastic drawers, and other tools can help you store more in your cabinet.
    8. Choose a Good Location: Choose a location that’s easy to get to. Instead of tucking everything into the basement or upstairs bedroom, consider your real-world needs and where the most appropriate place will be when the need for supplies arises. For example, if you choose an attractive cabinet, you won’t mind keeping it in the kitchen.
    9. Add Door Storage: Carve out some hidden (yet accessible) storage space with a shoe organizer on the back of a door. You can keep it in your pantry or coat closet for a central location.
    10. Use Magnets: Magnetic containers inside a medicine cabinet or on a metal board can help you store small medical supplies neatly.

    All this information and more can be found at 10 Ways To Organize

    How do you store bills, supplies, other medical equipment, or related items? The best thing I did was have my medicine sent in 3-month increments (90 days worth), so I have the supply if I ever travel or need extra.

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