• Packing for MDA camp

    Posted by leah-leilani on April 29, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Many of us with MD rely on special equipment, products and devices to keep us healthy, which can make packing a suitcase a bit more complicated than the average person.

    As summer approaches, that might mean packing your child suitcase for summer camp. It can be a dreaded process so here are some items that may slip your mind but could come in handy:

    •a disposable camera or Polaroid:

    Some camps don’t allow technological devices like cell phones so pack your kid a camera to capture the memories.

    •a bag for dirty clothes:

    You don’t want the clean clothes mixing with the dirty clothes so pack an extra plastic bag.


    The days at camp can get sweltering. Include an umbrella in your child’s suitcase or backpack to prevent a sunburn.


    With the ventilators and snoring, it can difficult to get a good nights sleep. Earplugs will do the job and ensure your child is well rested.

    •handheld fan mister:

    If your child has heat intolerance like me, they will thank you for purchasing this awesome little device.

    Is your child going to camp this year? Is this the first time your child will be away from home? Has your child been to camp before and if so, what advice do you have to give to other parents?

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