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      Leah Leilani

      When a life threatening medical emergency occurs, it is vital to have a medical document like a POLST (Physicians Order of Life-Sustaining Treatment). A POLST is a neon colored form which states your wishes for end-of-life-care to be honored by all healthcare providers. It includes whether you’d like to receive treatment or not, what specific treatment you do want to receive and at what time you wish to end treatment.

      It is important to carefully select your options on the POLST form with a close relative or loved one that you trust. Your doctor can provide you a POLST and must sign off the form.

      Have you ever heard of a POLST? Do you already have a POLST? Are you prepared for a time when your health might rapidly decline? Have you had a lawyer help you make a trust? How does your family react when discussing serious matter like this?

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