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      Lockdown from COVID-19 has brought out some interesting ways to pass the time. I got back into puzzles and was able to complete two 500 piece puzzles and one 1,000 piece before losing interest. I started to order puzzles online and when I saw they were sold out I was more motivated to find a different one. If you have dexterity issues then I would suggest trying puzzles online. It is easier to control and you don’t have to worry about trying to grab small puzzle pieces. Although I do not have issues with my grip and fingers, if a piece was to fall on the ground I would not be able to immediately pick it up. And if you’ve done puzzles before then you know how frustrating losing pieces can be. Do you like puzzles? How many have you done during lockdown? Are you over puzzles and worry that of we have to go back into our homes you will be bored?

Viewing 0 reply threads
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