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      I am an ambulatory wheelchair user. The majority of my friends live in homes that have steps. Recently this has been affecting my mental health. When my friends get together at one of their homes, and I can’t go, I feel sad. They say, “oh, there are just four steps if you feel up to it?” It makes me hate muscular dystrophy.

      There is something special about being in the home of someone you care about, and it can be enjoyable and relaxing. I know that I can meet my friends outside in public, but a lot of the time I don’t want to go out in general, it can be very stressful.

      How do you feel about requests for you to go upstairs? Have you ever obliged your friends and the next day regretted it because you were in pain?

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      Pete Barron

      The only way I know that I’ve gone too far is to push my limits, so I do occasionally over do it. Then I have to lay low for a few days and hope I haven’t caused any permanent damage. Once we travelled to visit a friend who wanted us to stay with her, so she said she had a ground floor apartment. We go there and found there was a whole flight of stairs that she “forgot” to mention! I crawled up them to stay one night. She’s still a friend of my wife’s but I don’t trust her.

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