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    Posted by danielle-dani-liptak on March 16, 2020 at 2:38 pm

    Hey MD Fam! I hope everyone is staying safe and trying their best to practice social distancing during this time of COVID-19. I wanted to share some great tips from Kevin Schaefer of the SMA community!

    1) Read: Netflix and Hulu are great, but nothing gets your mind going like a good book! I just finished the latest Stephen King sci-fi/horror novel The Institute, and am currently reading a Robin Williams biography. I also read a graphic novel this morning.

    2) Call Friends and Family: We often use the excuse of “being too busy” to keep in touch with people. Don’t worry. I’m guilty of this too. Well, now the majority of us are stuck at home, so we have time to invest in our relationships. Today I talked with an SMA friend who I hadn’t talked to in a while, and it was great. We had an hourlong conversation, and it was comforting for both of us.

    3) Get Outside When Possible: I realize this isn’t an option for everyone, but try to spend time outside if you can. Even just a few minutes in the backyard refreshes the soul. On day three of my lockdown, I took my dog for a short walk down the street, and it was great for both of us to get some fresh air.

    4) Watch Good Movies and TV: I have plenty of streaming recommendations, so ask me anytime. Take advantage of the time in isolation to watch some good movies and shows. And if you live with family or caregivers, have mini watch parties! Just yesterday, I introduced my Dad to the Wes Anderson classic The Royal Tenenbaums, which is something he would have never watched otherwise. He liked it! My film professors would be proud.

    5) Listen to Music and Podcasts: This is another simple and stimulating activity. Check out all of the wonders that Spotify has to offer. You may discover an artist who speaks to you or an excellent storytelling podcast. I also have recommendations in this department.

    What lockdown tips do you have?

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