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    Posted by Danielle "Dani" Liptak on February 26, 2019 at 3:58 am

    Has there been an impact in your relationships that you believe is due to the muscular dystrophy diagnosis in your family?

    It is not uncommon for parents/family/ friends to have a shift in relationships after a diagnoses of muscular dystrophy, some become closer while others grow apart.  But, do parents of children with disabilities really have a higher divorce rate?

    The National Institute of Health published a 50-year study in 2015 called The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study it offered insight into whether or not the divorce rate is higher for families with children with disabilities. The results showed “there was about a 2 percent higher risk, and when you are talking statistics, there is a 3 percent margin of error, making the difference negligible.”  They also noted that family size had an interesting impact on the results.  Larger families without kids with disabilities were more likely to divorce. The opposite was true for families that have children with disabilities and more children. If they had more children they were less likely to divorce.  This could be due to the fact that a larger family can provide more support when caring for an individual with a disability, especially with parents getting older.

    What have you noticed within your family? What support do you have at home?

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