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      Leah Leilani

      Did you know that if you take a laxative that you should also be taking fiber?

      If you find that you’re stool is too loose from taking a laxative to help relieve constipation, you may be either taking too much laxative and/or not enough fiber.

      My Gastroenterologist prescribed me a higher dose of Miralax along with supplemental fiber in the form of Metamucil. I now take one cap full of Miralax twice a day and two pinches of Metamucil on a tablespoon of Greek yogurt once in the morning and once at night.

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      Hi Leah.  This is good to know.  Thanks for sharing.  I have been taking a cleanse more pill daily for about 10 years.  It is all natural and a non stimulant.  I have often thought about switching to Miralax but I cannot seem to make myself start a new regime when something else is working.  However, there are other GI issues that have me thinking it is time.  I thinking about seeing a GI doctor in the future.

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      Leah Leilani

      Becky, I’m glad I could help. Sometimes it’s best to try a natural alternative first before the a medication or supplement. I have come to realize that gut health is very individual and what works for one person may not work for another. I hope you can find a solution to your problems.

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      Leah, thanks for posting this. Very apposite for me.

      I had a bit of drama at the end of last year with acute intestinal problems, and was taken by ambulance to hospital, where ‘I saw’ in the New Year. Not to be recommended, in the middle of the pandemic!

      I experienced the worst and best of the NHS. The worst was rather terrifying and distressing. The best, during my last 24 hours, was outstanding. I was very glad to get home and mercifully, not in pain.

      I have had different advice about what medication I should take and when to take it, from the doctor at the hospital, my neurologist (who got in touch for the first time since November 2019), senior nurse at hospice, and my GP.

      It looks like I’m going to have to experiment. I can’t afford to get it wrong, as I was in serious difficulties when I was completely blocked, and in dreadful pain.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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