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      I’ll start by saying that I still use a walker at home and if I need to get up one or two stairs. When I began looking for a wheelchair, I went with a manual chair and bought something called a quickie to help my arms pump the wheels. Unfortunately, due to my type of muscular dystrophy, FSHD, my arms were just too weak for a manual chair. Especially with loading and unloading it, I was more likely to fall.

      My dad ordered me my first powerchair, a Jazzy, from online. The wheelchair I have now is very impressive. I was measured, and it fits me perfectly. It has amazing height capability and headlights, and it fully reclines to where I am almost lying down. It is an amazing powerchair called a Permobil. I love it!

      Are there any members thinking about using a wheelchair to get around easier? What are some qualifications you need in a chair? Have you ever tried a wheelchair or powerchair?

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