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      Leah Leilani

      Do you have trouble breathing while you eat? Does you heart rate quicken because you’re not receiving enough oxygen? Have you ever fainted while eating? Have you considered getting a Tracheotomy help get more oxygen into your lungs? What has your doctor or physical therapist recommended to help with this dilemma?

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      Pete Barron

      Choking is a major problem with my disease (Myotonic type 2). My sister who also had this, died choking on a spoonful of peanut butter. So, I am always trying to slow down my eating and coat everything with enough liquid to lubricate it’s passage. I still choke frequently, sometimes without eating. So far it has never reached the point to where I pass out. At this point, I have not been willing to go for a tracheotomy, but I may have to later.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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