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      Leah Leilani

        Most metal rings are too heavy for me to wear because of my weakened hand muscles. This makes me wonder about people with MD who wear wedding rings.

        Has your wedding ring become difficult to wear as your MD has progressed? Do you wear your wedding ring on a necklace around your neck? When having your ring made, did you have to request a small or custom size because of your atrophied fingers?

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        John Woods

          I’ve had 3 wedding rings over 25 years (same marriage).  As the diameter of my fingers shrink the rings just went flying off any time I made a sudden movement and were lost.  I keep the current one in my desk drawer.

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          Leah Leilani

            John, have you thought about getting your ring resized? Or you could buy an Enzo ring. They’re made of silicon and don’t slip off. My dad wears on for when he’s doing stuff like gardening or fishing.

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