“Carve to Cure Duchenne” – Florida Skateboarders Unite To Support Local Child With DMD

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On May 2, 2015 Bill and Kim Procko will be hosting a skateboarding competition “Carve to CureDuchenne,” which is intended to benefit the nonprofit CureDuchenne organization that funds research projects hoping to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and raises awareness about the disease. The fundraising event will take place at Hatch Park in Branford, Florida in conjunction with the final phase of Procko Skate Park. Hundreds of fans and local skateboarders will gather to raise funds to help the Procko family in their quest to find a cure for their 11-year-old son Evan while being the first to experience the new “Burger Bowl” pool course.

Bill Procko, an old school skateboarder, runs a community business along with his wife and help to coordinate the Procko Skate park project. The Prockos have been dedicated to providing activities that promote physical wellness to the community.

Procko and his wife received the news in 2008 that their son Evan had Duchenne, the deadliest type of muscular dystrophy. This disease affects more than 300,000 young adults and children in the world. Children become stronger as they play and run, however, Evan’s muscles progressively and slowly deteriorate with motion. According to his diagnosis, by the age of 12 Evan will lose his ability to walk and he is highly unlikely to survive his mid-20s. Evan will never be able to skateboard on his own just like his dad and he is not likely to live long enough to have a career or become a dad.

The Prockos are fighting against the disease through events like this one; over the last 4 years they partnered with CureDuchenne to help fund research. In the “Carve to Cure Duchenne,” participants will earn money for muscular dystrophy research.

The new bowl, the skateboard course, is kidney shaped and is named the “Burger Bowl” to honor the local AZB Foods that funded a portion of the skate park along with the Tony Hawk Foundation. The Burger Bowl is now being constructed and the event participants will be the first to skate in this phase of the park.

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