Muscular Dystrophy Quote: Mattie Stepanek

Muscular Dystrophy Quote: Mattie Stepanek

Mattie Stepanek Quote on MD

Mattie Stepanek was a boy with muscular dystrophy, who passed away at “almost 14,” but whose short life touched millions. Mattie is still loved as a poet and philosopher. He was quoted often about celebrating life. In this muscular dystrophy quote by Mattie Stepanek, he reminds us of the pain he lived with every day.


Muscular Dystrophy Quote by Mattie Stepanek


Muscular Dystrophy is a hereditary condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles.

Find more about Mattie and his wonderful way with words at Mattie Online. Mattie reminds us that life should be celebrated, “Sometimes my body wakes me up and says ‘Hey, you haven’t had pain in a while. How about pain?’ And sometimes I can’t breathe, and that’s hard to live with. But I still celebrate life and don’t give up.”

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