5 Inspiring Muscular Dystrophy Stories

In this inspiring video from MDA, we meet Jimmy Valdes and his wife, Julie. Originally from Queens, New York, 47-year-old Jimmy was diagnosed with spinal muscular dystrophy (SMA) in 1971 at two years old. Learn more about their amazing love story,

Discover how living with a degenerative muscular disease affects these two people’s lives. 

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  1. Curtis Garrett says:

    My wife Jane Garrett lost her battle with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy on March 21, 2017, she was diagnosed with the disease in 2005, she died from complications of respiratory failure, she spent the last 2 months hospitalized with a ventilator required to keep her breathing, she decided that she no longer wanted to live that way and wanted to go home to say her goodbyes and then have the machines turned off, I honored her request and brought her home! She said her goodbyes, I climbed in bed with her to hold her and the machines were turned off, she was sedated and 20 minutes later my wife of 45 years was gone, it was the bravest thing I had ever witnessed and I miss her dearly, she will always be remembered for the valiant fight she fought!!!

    Curtis Garrett/ grieving husband ?

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